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What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is the burning of excess calories from your body. It also ensures that the intake of calories is less than the number of calories burnt. Weight loss becomes highly necessary when your excessive weight causes hindrances to healthy living. Non-surgical methods of weight loss are the first line of treatment recommended for maintaining a healthy weight.


When weight loss methods are not undertaken, obesity and overweight can lead to major health risks such as heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and orthopedic and reproductive problems.

Treatment Options

Some of the non-surgical methods of weight loss include: Lifestyle changes: Making changes in your lifestyle to involve a healthy diet and physical activity and maintaining a balance between your calorie intake and output. Healthy eating habits: Eating healthy foods such as fat-free or low-fat foods, lean meat, fish, nuts, whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Foods rich in saturated and trans fats, such as sausages, processed meat, added sugars, baked food, and fried food should be avoided. Cutting back on the quantity of food intake helps limit calorie intake.

Physical activity: Exercising and keeping yourself physically active will help you maintain a very healthy life. Physical activity also reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and cancers, helps to strengthen your muscles, bone, and joints and improves the working of your heart and lungs. Being physically fit also relaxes the brain and reduces your stress levels.

Weight loss medications: Another option to lose weight non-surgically is through weight loss medicines. These medications are prescribed if you are unable to lose weight with dietary changes and physical activities. Weight loss medications act by reducing the absorption of fat into your body or decreasing your appetite.


Non-surgical weight loss through healthy life choices can help to reduce at least 10% of your initial weight.

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